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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Partners encouraged to collaborate?

Yes! Our Partner community is active and engaged, committed to sharing best practices so we can all grow and continue to improve outcomes for patients and expand access to care. Our community-driven online communication platform is packed with best practices, clinical videos and resources to help us all stay connected.

What support will my staff get after partnership?

US Endo has an experienced, dedicated transition team that takes into consideration how the partnership might affect every single member of the practice team and guides them through the process accordingly. Your practice will also be assigned an experienced regional operations teammate, dedicated to supporting your practice through the transition process and beyond.

Beyond financial, are there other benefits to partnering with US Endo?

We're not just looking to create wealth for our Partners -- we seek to create value. Part of that value is fostering meaningful growth and opportunity for our doctors and their teams to grow as people; we believe wholeheartedly that better people make better leaders, which makes better practices. The financial opportunities and the value creation does happen because we come in and make tweaks -- it happens because we invest in each other to raise our game.

Do I get to keep my staff and practice name?

Yes! US Endo respects what you've worked years to build and honors that by keeping your team whole and by preserving your practice name, brand identity, and culture.

If I partner, what changes do I have to make to my practice?

US Endo looks for opportunities to support you and your team, and to amplify your practice -- not to fix things that aren't broken. Most important, our business model leaves the clinical side of your business untouched; you'll continue to have the freedom to treat patients the way you always have, and the time and energy you need to focus your complete attention on exceptional outcomes.

What is the US Endo Value Creation Model?

The US Endo Partners model is attractive on multiple levels. First, we believe that the success we generate from our aligned pursuit of excellence should be rewarded. Our partners have a stake in the company’s proven financial success. Our partners are Class A shareholders in our company, which means you invest in your partners, and they invest in you. Moreover, as a practicing endodontist, your work continues to produce for you at the same time as your investment does. This allows our partners to realize the benefits of retirement while they’re still building – and benefiting from – their careers.

What makes you different from other groups?

Simply put, our Partners are what set us apart. Not only are they successful clinicians operating successful practices, they care deeply about where the specialty is going. As US Endo grows, so does their voice and in shaping the future of endodontics. We are also driven by our Vision, Mission and Core Values as they provide clarity, alignment, and unity of purpose that defines our culture and creates value. We are really proud of what we are creating and would love share more with you.

What is a “specialty services group” or “specialty dental service organization”?

A Specialty Dental Service Organization exclusively supports the unique and specialized needs of endodontists, their patients, and their practices. Simply put - we are business specialists partnering with specialists to shape and protect the specialty.

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