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Disruptors and the Endodontist Response

Dr. Brett Gilbert reflects on the four biggest recent disruptors to the endodontic specialty and how endodontist shined through them all.

As Endodontists, we are living in an abundant era! Root canal treatment serves patients globally as the primary treatment to save millions of teeth annually. The research and results prove that endodontic treatment is safe and effective. Today, we have so many modernizations in our specialty to help us provide the best possible care to our patients. Our predecessors, who paved the way for us, would be astounded by the advances we have at our disposal. 

Technology has absolutely expanded our capacity to save teeth. Flexible and strong instruments, digital radiology, microscopes, 3D imaging with CBCT, guided navigation, biocompatible materials, long lasting restorative materials, advanced irrigation solutions, innovative and disruptive irrigation delivery devices and the list goes on. When you couple our advanced skills and knowledge with technology, our patients WIN.  

Social media has also advanced our abilities and knowledge. With so many Endodontists communicating and sharing together via social media channels, online groups and education platforms, we are learning together and growing as a global endodontic community. Our ability to develop, foster and enjoy new connections and relationships with colleagues around the world enhances our practices and enriches our lives beyond what was previously possible. New graduates now have unprecedented access to experienced colleagues who are graciously sharing their cases, knowledge and their experience on how-to approach a myriad of case scenarios. With these communication advances, our collective passion for practice and teaching grows and the next generation of practitioners start their careers with more resources, mentors and motivation to pay the knowledge base forward over time.

The pandemic also created an incredible moment in our specialty which called us into duty to serve and support healthcare systems around the world. Who could have imagined that Endodontists would be primed to serve as front line defenders to support a massive surge and strain on hospitals in the early months of the pandemic? As a specialty, we strapped on our PPE and went to work serving patients with dental emergencies to prevent them from going to overburdened emergency rooms. Personally, I was terrified at what we did not yet know about the virus. However, along with my global endodontic colleagues, we did not close our offices and went in each day to serve our communities. When duty called, Endodontists answered!  

Finally, new partnership opportunities to align our private practices have blossomed into reality. The chance to partner our practices with other practices has created a unity and strength for Endodontists to own their futures both personally and professionally. By joining forces, we can share best practices, gain valuable business support and provide new grads without standing mentorship opportunities. We, as a collective team of Endodontists, can shape and protect the future of our specialty. The vulnerability of owning a small business can now be replaced with the strength and security of being part of a team.  

There has never been a better time to be an Endodontist! A moment deserving of tremendous gratitude.

Endo Never Sleeps: Setting Boundaries and Thriving through Grind

Endo Never Sleeps: Setting Boundaries and Thriving through Grind

Dr. David Landwehr has more than 20 years of experience as a clinician, consultant, and educator in the endodontic realm. In this episode, we joined him for a double espresso as we talked about how he’s successfully built his career — and his best life. 

Building culture delivers financial returns

Building culture delivers financial returns

As today’s endodontists look to the future of their practices and careers, more are exploring the trend of practice partnerships and weighing the notion of an ideal culture and community against a lucrative financial opportunity.

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