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We have top-tier practices in great locations actively searching for specialists like you. Our Associates reap many of the same benefits afforded to our Partners, and our Pathway to Partnership™ program will be with you every step of the way to deliver the future of your design. To inquire about current opportunities, visit our careers page or drop us a line at

Chart Your Course

Have an idea for new practice in an untapped location? Talk to us and we can mentor you through the process and if you like, partner to build the practice of your dreams with no additional debt*. Want to brainstorm? Contact US!

*Build out opportunities must be a fit for US Endo. Mentorship is always available.

Pathway to Partnership

Ready to jump right in? We can show you what it takes to become a US Endo Partner and connect with you with clinicians who already made the leap. To learn more, contact US!

  • Competitive compensation
  • Signing bonus
  • Relocation package
  • Generous benefits package: healthcare, 401K, etc.
  • Clinical professional liability coverage
  • Personal CFO  package
  • Paid professional association fees and extensive continuing education
US Endo resident benefits
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US Endo Partners

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Private Practice

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Is my contract with US Endo or with the practice?

All contracts are executed at the practice level.

What happens if I accept a position and it doesn't work out or I have to move?

We understand that life "happens" - either by circumstance or design - and we've got your back every step of the way. Part of the beauty of the US Endo Partners model is the wealth of career opportunities our nationwide network of top-tier practices provides. If you need to make a change for any reason, we'll help you find the right fit in the right place.

Do you require a quota or a certain number of cases to be performed per day?

No. You dictate your own schedule and work at your own pace, in collaboration with the other endodontists within the practice and with consideration for the patients you serve.

Can I become an owner / partner?

Yes! Talk with a member of our support team about our Pathway to Partnership program. You can contact us here!

Does US Endo dictate how doctors practice endodontics?

No. Clinical decisions, tools and equipment, scheduling preferences are left to the endodontists. US Endo gives you the time and energy you want and need to focus your complete attention on exceptional outcomes.

What is US Endo's role in the individual practices?

US Endo looks for opportunities to support you and to amplify its highly successful practices by offering business support, plus leadership training, providing mentorship opportunities, and encouraging collaboration with the top endodontic practices in the country.

What is the compensation as an associate?

Compensation levels are very competitive and exact details are negotiated at the practice level. All US Endo practice team members receive a full suite of benefits including medical, dental, 401k and more.

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