A team of
endos behind YOU.

Committed to our patients and to each other

The first and foremost.

Creating outstanding patient experiences is the cornerstone of our core values because it's our top priority. We know it's yours, too.

We practice empathy with each patient encounter and foster a culture of constant learning and improvement so that we can help even more patients, expand access to care, and spread the life-changing power of saving teeth.

When you join US Endo, your patients win.

Partnering with US Endo is so much more than a great business opportunity. Our culture is about growth in every aspect of our lives – from improving our communication skills to leadership training, to advanced clinical training courses and beyond.

Being part of US Endo offers the chance to become not only a better endodontist, but also a better boss, a better spouse, and a better friend.

We feel the empowering connection and support of belonging to a special community invested in each other's success. Our annual Vision Summit brings us all together to focus on personal and professional growth, while building strong friendships, and our new suite of comprehensive development programs drives fulfillment.

Our Support Team works with the business side of your practice in areas from marketing and human resources, to revenue cycle management and compliance, and is dedicated to you, your team, and your work-life balance.

This supportive-community dimension of US Endo Partners develops and insulates us as endodontists. In short – they do what they do best, so we can do what we do best.

Doing the right thing, the right way, is the foundation for our proven business model.  

Partners are Class A shareholders in the company, which means you invest in your partners, and they invest in you. Moreover, as a practicing endodontist, your work continues to produce for you at the same time as your investment does. This allows Partners to realize the benefits of retirement while they’re still building – and benefiting from – their careers.

We have worked hard to improve and expand access to care, and to take care of our team members for the growth of our practices - and financial success has naturally followed. And this is just the beginning.

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Succeed with US

Become a Partner – with a voice and equity ownership – in top-tier practices across the country, and gain an unparalleled business support team.

As endodontists and business owners, we face significant challenges. The patient is always our priority, but relentless administrative tasks, a highly competitive landscape, and limited marketing and business analytics resources, to name a few, can be overwhelming burdens.

Partnering with US Endo alleviates that pressure, putting you in a position to provide the utmost in patient care, maximize your success and secure your future. You'll have an ownership stake in US Endo Partners so you’ll benefit from your own success, and from the continued growth of other practices.



Schedule a conversation with one of team members, in person or over the phone, for a casual, 10–15-minute conversation to learn more about one another and see if we might be a good fit.


As an endodontist, we know you are smart, driven and thorough. You deserve the same in a business partner. In this phase, a mutual NDA is executed so we can exchange financials in pursuit of providing your practice a fair valuation.


As a US Endo Partner, you are a Class A owner in a proud, vibrant community of the top endodontists in the country whose mission is to drive meaningful opportunity and growth for our team members as we pursue excellence together.

A complete suite of professional services to optimize your practice.

As part of US Endo Partners, you'll feel incredible peace, knowing your practice is operating smoothly, efficiently and with complete professionalism. Your team will receive the support they need, and your patients will feel the exceptional service, too.

From marketing support and website optimization to scheduling strategies and staffing, we lighten your load so you can keep your focus on what matters most – your patients.

Human resources
Practice innovation
Scheduling & insurance
Compliance & reporting
Inventory management
Sales & marketing

When you’re ready, we’re here.

Endo to endo, we’ll answer your questions.
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